What's Revenge


Director Kat Hunt compels her friend Erica to take revenge on the men in her life in this experimental, docu-fiction comedy. An innovative docu-fiction work, WHAT’S REVENGE, adapts elements from 70’s pulp revenge cinema to address the problems and pitfalls of relationships in the modern age. The film uses a blend of staged reenactments of real events and fictionalized scenarios inspired by the lived experiences of the cast and crew. A feminist piece of genre-bending film, made by a female production team, Hunt plays the chief provocateur in a story of two friends seeking to explain the reason behind the injustices inflicted upon them by the men in their lives. Hunt’s character makes a personal mission of revisiting these indignities upon “the men” in question, on a mission to take their power back in the process. By using non-actors and their stories throughout, Hunt crafts a complex and comedic take on relationships and filmmaking.

Directed by Kat Hunt