Fiona Neary


Fiona Neary lives in Saratoga Springs, New York where she was born and raised. Art has always been a part of Fiona’s existence, ever since she started creating memories. Growing up, she had a deep fascination with dreams and a connection to nature and spirituality. As a child, Fiona was a firm believer in fairies and would dutifully make sure they had adequate shelter supplied around her backyard. This deep curiosity to an unseen world inspired her to travel and learn about other languages and cultures. Attending SUNY Adirondack for Fine Arts, and later SUNY Albany in 2019, her pursuit of Spanish as a minor continued to fuel her creativity. Her practice in Heartfulness meditation has allowed her direction and a way to stay centered, learning to grow through any of life’s challenges. She finds this introspective practice helps her to be more in tune with her art, and her truth. She loves to portray the world’s inherent beauty with a sense of wonder and joy and work through multiple mediums at a time, such as photography, sculpture, and printmaking. Often, she combines portraiture with natural elements. Currently her favorite medium is oil paint, as there is a freedom in embracing the different layers and stages of applying color. Fiona is inspired by many women artists like Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo, and the singer Joni Mitchell, as their stories help her navigate her identity through the creative world as a woman in her 20’s.  Fiona’s process in life is constantly evolving as she continues learning and finding ways to improve upon herself, while helping others to find a deeper connection to their own hearts.

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