Rodney Bentley


Rodney Bentley is an American Visual Artist combining both surrealism and realism in a whimsical yet precise manner.  His artistic expression followed an adult Severe Traumatic Brain Injury caused by a fall at his previous residence in Philadelphia, PA.  He was in the need of great medical care, supervision, and safety.  With support of his mother and his five siblings, he was confident he would begin the healing process at his birthplace – Glens Falls, NY.

Emotional whirlwinds of mental turmoil and acceptance unknowingly exploded into a powerful flow of creative channels fueled by driven purpose and an unknown healing process.  Downtown Glens Falls cafes and coffee shops became both his art studio and his home from early morning until late night for several years.  He began to trust a source of creative energy which he had unconsciously yet powerfully connected with.

The medium he currently explores is charcoal, graphite, pastel, acrylic, and digital art.  His body of work philosophically falls in the realm of rumination, contemplation, and even spiritualism.

Much of his work is donated to community events, restaurants, museums, theatre, music venues, and non-profit agencies.

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