What’s in the Box?

We can’t tell or it’ll ruin the fun! But, in general, you’ll receive items that help create an immersive festival experience in your own home. Your box comes with items like your festival lanyard, killer AFF swag, 3D glasses (you may just need them), and even a rope to cordon off your room from those pesky housemates who don’t meet your VIP status.  We’ll provide you with some of the best new films on the planet – along with all the popcorn you’ll need to get through the weekend – and so much more!

Do I need any special equipment?

Nope!  Just an internet connection.  You’ll be able to watch the festival online or even on your TV through your Roku, Apple TV, or Android TV by downloading the app.

When will I receive my box?

You’ll receive your box in the mail approximately 5 days prior to the festival.

The festival is tomorrow, can I still get tickets?

Yes!  Unfortunately, if it’s less than 5 days until the festival, we won’t be able to send you the box, but you can still access our entire line-up of films.

Do I need one ticket for each person watching?

A household can purchase a single pass, but you’ll only get one box per order.  So it all depends on how good you are at sharing.

Can I watch the films any time?

Yes and no.  Our festival will operate exactly as it would if it were live, meaning that showtimes are specific.  Our goal is to recreate the festival experience at home, and the number one experience in a film fest is plotting your plan of attack based on the schedule.  It’s more fun this way – trust us! On average, each film plays twice, which means you might catch it Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 4pm.  However, for those content-bingers out there, all films (except those noted with restrictions from the distributor) will be available “on demand” on Sunday.  So Thursday-Saturday is our schedule, Sunday is yours!

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs for the box are already included in the price of your ticket.