Home: The Children of the Interstices

Doc / Short

This essay film, using a spoken word poem and found footage, documents the experience of a Moroccan woman, Sarah, who takes the viewer on a journey to discover the conflicting aspects of her identity, by showcasing the stark contrast between the traditional “medina” (old city) and the modern city center. Starting with a dissection of the image of Morocco in the collective imagination of tourists, the poem shifts to a more personal account of Sarah’s personal relationship to being Moroccan, how studying abroad has impacted that, and the conflicts that arise from being seen as foreign despite being a local. Merging theories on development, modernity, globalization, and orientalism with a personal account, Home: Wlad les Interstices raises questions on what it means to be part of the diaspora and its implications on identity and relations to one’s home country.

Directed by Sarah Maacha

Screening Time:

10/19/19 @ 4:15 pm – 5:21 pm at Wood Cabaret

Screening In:

I (Heart) NY Docs