The Pact

Drama / Short

Betty and Frank attend a seminar about euthanasia. Eddie is a doctor who advocates and facilitates people’s right to choose death. During the seminar, Betty reveals she has Alzheimers. Frank, however, appears physically and mentally fit. At home, Betty and Frank’s family are gathered. It is the eve of their suicide pact. It’s sad but the family has been briefed: this is a celebration of life! But when one of their children show up, devastated, and berate their parents’ decision, the cold reality hits home. Eddie arrives with the nitrogen tanks. Isla puts on the couple’s favourite song and together Betty and Frank inhale the noxious gas. But as unconsciousness takes hold, Frank rips his mask off. He tries to remove Betty’s but she clings to it – her decision made.

Directed by Natalie Medlock

Screening in Let’s Deal with this Drama